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Founder and CEO

My name is Joshua Cauley, Founder and CEO of ShipHaven. Over the past few years, I’ve been at the forefront of helping e-Commerce businesses streamline their operations, while saving them tens of thousands of dollars each year on shipping costs.

But my inspiration for ShipHaven was actually born out of my passion for performance cars and racing. Whenever I’d bring in my car for repairs, the long waits for parts to arrive was enormously frustrating. I’d often be stuck without a vehicle for weeks, often longer.

That’s when I realized the system was broken.

It dawned on me that this dysfunction was a huge pain point — not just for myself, but for others who loved performance cars.

I knew there must be a better way!

So I created Performance Mods, the first company on the market that figured out how to get auto parts to people super quickly, while also providing substantially lower shipping costs.

What was the “secret sauce” that led Performance Mods to enjoy such incredible success?

It dawned on me that it needed to be more than just a product company that supplied auto parts, but even more importantly, a logistics business.

So I discovered how to build long-term relationships with leading carriers and how to leverage over 400 points in our contracts to keep shipping costs down.

After traveling the world to meet and network with other e-commerce sellers, I learned they were struggling with the same shipping problems and financial losses that  led me to launch Performance Mods.

I wanted to help them overcome their many challenges with the many valuable insights that I had learned in the shipping business.

Mission accomplished!

Today, ShipHaven helps e-commerce companies like yours reap higher profits by lowering their shipping costs to thousands of dollars, streamlining their operations and providing advanced tools for all their logistics.

I’m so confident that ShipHaven can provide your own business with thousands of dollars in saving – I’ll guarantee it! 

I’ll pay you $500 in cash if I’m wrong.

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