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Lower rates guaranteed or receive $500.

Are you leaving money on the table with
sky high shipping costs?

If you’re like many businesses, you’re losing tens of thousands of dollars every year on shipping without even realizing it. At ShipHaven, we leverage our long-standing and valued relationships with leading national & international shipping providers, and pass along our insider discounts to you. We make your business more profitable by lowering your shipping costs and simplifying your logistics. So whether you’re looking to optimizing your shipping costs, introduce new products into the market, or utilize the most effective user-friendly logistics software on the market, we’ve got all the tools you need to skyrocket your bottom line.
If you’re shipping with any of these couriers, we can help.

Take the Expense and Stress Out of
Your Business Shipping

At ShipHaven, we’ve set a new standard for receiving the most from your shipping dollar. Our cost-effective service helps you grow your business by saving on shipping costs. You’ll enjoy exclusive access to our comprehensive network of leading shipping providers, so you can choose the carrier that best fits your needs. Plus, you’ll enjoy a dedicated account service team, convenient shipping tools, breakthrough easy-to-use software, flexible invoicing and much more.

Ready to Skyrocket Your Business to the Next Level?

Thanks to our extraordinary success in eCommerce, we understand that logistics can make or break your business. So no matter the size of your company, the type of products you sell, or whether you ship directly to consumers or to business clients, we’ll help supercharge your business with our customized services. The best part? When your staff isn’t forced to deal with shipping issues, your productivity is increased. You’ll have more time to focus on what you do best – growing your business!


From standard document envelopes to self-packaged boxes under 150lbs, we’ll make sure your clients in the US quickly get their items without any additional costs.


As fast as 3 days, get your products shipped from China (or other countries) to FBA centers with our exclusive FBA-DHL deals.


Let us help you reach your cross-country clients –making sure you get those small packages to their international destinations on time is our priority.

Imports &

Make your business available to the whole world with help from our premium import and export solutions. Allow us to handle all the challenging aspects of expanding globally.

Experience the ShipHaven Difference

We Go Above and Beyond Discounted Shipping Costs.


Get exclusive discounts with all of the leading national freight carriers.  You’ll enjoy the lowest customized shipping prices, based on your products and locations.


We’re much more than just a discounted shipping service. Think of us as your dedicated ally in growing your business. Our team monitors your shipments every step of the way. We’ll resolve any shipping issues, often even before you even know about them. 


We’ll work tirelessly to help you get into new markets by lowering the costs that would otherwise make it unprofitable. We’ll help you expand your product line without increasing shipping costs.


Because we want to help your business succeed, our custom shipping solutions also include specialized consultancy services, anytime you need them.

How ShipHaven Can Save You Thousands of dollars
Each Month on Shipping

Wonder how ShipHaven saves businesses so much cashola? When you ship directly with couriers, they provide you with a generic high shipping cost. At ShipHaven, we’ve partnered with the best and most reliable domestic and international shipping services in the industry, – and you’ll receive the same low cost shipping rates and customized deals that we receive. You’ll receive significant savings on your shipping needs, year after year. Yes, it really is that easy!

Does More Than
Just Save You Money

In today’s unprecedented times, the ever-evolving shipping landscape is becoming more in demand, costly and competitive than ever before. As a result, there’s also increased risk of delayed shipments and missed pickups for your business. ShipHaven is your ally in ensuring your shipping always proceeds seamlessly and without a hitch. Our expert team will monitor your packages every step of the way.
If there’s ever an issue, we’ll work on your behalf to get it resolved – often before you even know about it.

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Lower rates guaranteed
or receive $500

Learn How Much
We’ll Save You on Shipping

Our shipping experts will analyze your shipping data and provide you with an estimate of your savings amount – free of charge. If we don’t beat your current shipping rates, we’ll pay you
$500 – that’s how confident we are. You’ll also learn how our other benefits can help you’re your business, such our advanced software to streamline your operations, dedicated support team, cutting-edge shipping tools, flexible invoicing and other customized services.

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Our Breakthrough Software Streamlines Your Operations

Our mission is to save you money, time and headaches. Thanks to our easy-to-use integrated platform, you’ll gain more control over all aspects of your business. From comparing discounted shipping rates to printing labels in batches, from tracking orders to ordering supplies, you’ll enjoy a more efficient, stress-free and profitable process.

Are You Ready to Save Thousands
of dollars Each Month on Shipping Costs?

Lower rates guaranteed or receive $500

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